Vikas is sought after around the United States as a vibrant teacher and choreographer. His students have gone on to major tap and contemporary dance companies including Chicago Tap Theatre, Hubbard Street Dance, and many more. Below are testimonials from parents, students, and other professionals who have worked with him as well as photos and videos from past pieces he's created.

Teaching Testimonials

Vikas is a true gift to the world of tap and dance education
— Parent of Junior Dancer
He has pushed me to places I never thought I could go...he is very dedicated
— Senior Dancer
No matter how challenging the rehearsal was she comes back inspired
— Parent of Teen Dancer
A phenomenal teacher...I regret not living in an area where I can easily take his classes
— Adult Dancer
What I the positive experience he provides. He sets very high standards and expects hard work, but is super supportive.
— Parent of Senior Dancer
He wants every dancer to be themselves...he cares about his dancers
— Senior Dancer
Absolutely amazing...he used humor to his advantage and broke everything down so well
— Adult Dancer
You constantly push everyone to be better no matter age or dance ability
— Teen Dancer
Nothing can compare to the feeling of confidence, warmth, and support I received from Vikas’ class
— Senior Dancer
Working with Vikas has undoubtedly strengthened my daughter’s view of herself as a dancer
— Parent of Teen Dancer

Choreography Testimonials

Refreshing...I applaud the choreographer
— Tessandra Chavez
Wow...beautiful...this makes my heart warm
— Jason Janas
This choreography is fantastic
— Tyce Diorio
I love fun to watch
— Jared Grimes